Translating agricultural content for more than 20 years, we tap into a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge. Having worked for such manufacturers as Agria, Agrifac, Bingenheimer Saatgut, Lemken, Satec, Siliconform, and Weidemann, we are particularly grateful for the appreciation of the following (past and present) clients:

“We are a specialist farm machinery magazine that needs to rely on a professional who is able to pick up nuances, subtle meanings, the sense of an article and give it style, flavour etc. And that, in short, is why we employ trans-agrar’s Barbara Sabel – and have done since the UK version of profi was set up in 1996. Barbara truly is a ‘vital’ member of profi international, a magazine that stands or falls by its editorial independence. We rely on Barbara to maintain that editorial quality, because if technical information is lost in the translation, this inevitably diminishes the message to our readers. Barbara writes fluently but, just as important, she has an excellent understanding of technical agricultural machinery terminology. Also very important, Barbara is reliable, always checks up on any areas of doubt and never misses a deadline.”
Andrew Faulkner
Editor profi international

“Wir arbeiten bei Übersetzungen von der deutschen zur englischen Ausgabe unserer Zeitschrift (und umgekehrt) seit 1996 mit Barbara Sabel zusammen, die endlich unsere Ansprüche an eine professionelle Übersetzung erfüllen konnte. Da Frau Sabel sorgfältig und flexibel arbeitet sind wir froh über die gute Zusammenarbeit und hohe Qualität der Texte.”
Manfred Neunaber
Editor profi

“At AGCO we have been dealing with Barbara Sabel for a number of years. During that time we have been provided with conscientious, thorough, high quality translations delivered in a timely manner. Barbara understands our business needs and often uses her initiative to ensure the translation is precise.”
Sarah Pickhard
Manager, Sales and Promotions, Agco

„In der Vergangenheit arbeiteten wir mit Dienstleistern, die mit vielen verschiedenen Freelancern agierten. Die Folge waren extreme Schwankungen in der Qualität von Übersetzungen und keine kontinuierliche “Kronesprache”. Deshalb haben wir uns entschieden, mit Frau Sabel zusammen zu arbeiten, da sie Garant für eine sinnerfüllte und nachhaltige Übersetzungsarbeit ist.“
Heinrich Wingels
Head Marketing, Agricultural Machinery Bernard Krone GmbH