Who is behind trans-agrar?

The driving force behind trans-agrar is Barbara Sabel.

Barbara holds a degree in Translation (English and Spanish) and has a passion for the English language. Some 20 years ago, she discovered another passion – namely for agricultural machinery. Barbara then turned this subject field and the English language into a powerful combination that inspired the self-explanatory ‘trans-agrar’ brand name.

As globalisation gathers pace, customer requirements become more sophisticated, and that includes the range of languages. Consequently, trans-agrar has expanded to become an international network of specialist translators who are coordinated from Heidelberg.

Barbara Sabel herself translates between English and German while acting as a project manager for multilingual projects. Combining linguistic skills with in-depth knowledge of the subject matter (something of an exception in the agency landscape), she adds real added value to translations bearing the trans-agrar hallmark in the form of expert supervision and the classic ‘four-eyes’ principle.

In parallel, Barbara Sabel is conducting academic research into an area she has defined as ‘Cultural differences in technical journalism and how translators can bridge the gap’. She has already presented her initial findings at international congresses in Berlin and Chicago.

Another area of interest outside the day-to-day business is the problematic nature of ‘Scientific language in English and German’. Barbara has designed and run courses for German native speakers who are keen to adapt their written style to make it more reader-friendly prior to publication in English.

Barbara Sabel plays an active role in the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ), where she also serves in a mentoring capacity. She is also a member of the German Terminology Association (DTT) and the Association of Literary Translators (VdÜ). In the past, Barbara has organised advanced training courses for budding translators at the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences and lectured at Cologne University of Applied Sciences and the University of Heidelberg.


At trans-agrar, we translate content rather than words. For this reason, we do not hold back from checking with the author. That’s because proper understanding is the first step on the way to a correct translation. Consequently, only technical translators with the relevant professional experience are recruited to the trans-agrar team. When translating, our guiding principle is “What would the text look like if it had been originally composed in the target language?”.

At trans-agrar, we pride ourselves on being a provider of premium-quality translations with an agricultural content.

At trans-agrar, we believe in transparency.